Frequently Asked Questions for International Applicants

Q: When to apply?

A: The announcement containing the rules and all the information for applying to the ICT School is usually published on the University website in May. Each new PhD cycle starts on November 1st and ends on October 31st of the following year. Each PhD cycle lasts 3 years (unless a one-year extension is explicitly required for completing the PhD thesis).

Note that it is mandatory to follow carefully the announcement instructions when submitting applications to the PhD School. If an applicant is selected for a PhD position, he/she is expected to contact the Director of the PhD School before January to define his/her research program and identify a supervisor for his/her research work.

Q: What to do before applying?

A: Please check the list of research topics carefully to understand if any of the research activities being accomplished at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in the ICT field is of interest; if an interesting research topic is available, then a potential applicant is warmly invited to contact the researcher proposing that topic for further information. The list of professors with their curriculum vitae is available in the Organization page.

Q: How to apply?

A: The instructions for submitting an application for a PhD position are provided in the announcement of each new Doctorate Cycle. Note that, when applying, official documents should not be sent directly to the Dean of the School or to the members of the School Council. In fact, any official document (presentation letters, curriculum vitae, etc.) should be submitted using the online system esse3, following carefully the instructions provided in the announcement.

Note that in the past years various government grants, providing financial support in all the 3 years of PhD studies, have been assigned to foreign students. Foreign applications are really welcome!

Q: What to do if the application is accepted?

A: If your application is selected, then you will need to obtain a visa; for more information, please go to the Government website. Then, you will need to find an accomodation; accomodation services for students are provided by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Finally, if you want to acquire some touristic information about the city of Modena please check out the links: