Students of the XXXI Doctorate Cycle (2016)

Computer Engineering and Science Curriculum

Name Tutor Research Topic Profile

Borghi Guido(email)

Prof. R. Cucchiara 3D Vision for Human Computer Interaction Download

Galassi Marco* (email)


Prof. L. Leonardi Adaptive Middleware for the Internet of Things Download

Fiameni Giuseppe(email)

Prof. S. Bergamaschi Big Data Management of large scientific datasets Download

Guido Alessandro(email)

Prof. M. Colajanni


Electronics and Telecommunications Curriculum

Name Tutor Research Topic Profile

Di Cecilia Luca(email)

Prof. L. Rovati Optical sensors for the early detection of ocular diseases Download

Puviani Mirco(email)

Prof. L. Rovati Dynamic light scattering for ocular tissue Download

La Torraca Paolo(email)

Prof. P. Pavan Applications of nanomaterials in the electroacoustic field Download


Industrial applications of ICT

Name Tutor Research Topic Profile

Magnotta Luca(email)

Prof. S. Bergamaschi Big data integration Download