Students of the XXXII Doctorate Cycle (2017)

Computer Engineering and Science Curriculum

Name Tutor Research Topic Profile

Palazzi Andrea(email)

Prof. R. Cucchiara Deep learning for segmentation in video streams

Stabili Dario(email)

Prof. M. Colajanni Security in automotive applications

Abati Davide(email)

Prof. R. Cucchiara Computing vision for driver attention

Apruzzese Giovanni(email)

Prof. M. Colajanni Big data security analytics

Bolelli Federico(email)

Prof. C. Grana Optimization of binary image processing algorithms

Cornia Marcella(email)

Prof. R. Cucchiara Computer vision and multimedia for cultural heritage video understanding

Gagliardelli Luca(email)

Prof. S. Bergamaschi Big data integration


Electronics and Telecommunications Curriculum

Name Tutor Research Topic Profile

Zia Muhammad Umer(email)

Prof. G. Vitetta Communication techniques for massive MIMO systems

Cipressi Elena(email)

Prof. M. Merani 5G networks

Giovanardi Fabio(email)

Prof. L. Vincetti Design of innovative optical sensors


Industrial applications of ICT

Name Tutor Research Topic Profile

Fanton Lucio(email)

Prof. M. Vincini