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Thursday, March 23 2017
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D-DAY 2012

Seminario "DSP for wireless systems"

Corso "Introduzione all'Ottimizzazione Nonlineare"

Course "Data Mining"

Corso "Come identificare e cogliere le opportunità di finanziamento per la ricerca"

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Please note that since Feb. 27, 2012 a new and updated ICT School website  is available. The data available here will not be updated and is maintained just for historical purposes. 


International Doctorate School in
Information and Communication Technologies

The International Doctorate School in Information and Communication Technologies is organized by the Department of Information Engineering in collaboration with other Research Partners.

The educational offer and research opportunities are directed towards the acquisition of skills required for research and development at universities, public or private research institutes, and industry. A Faculty of internationally recognised Italian and foreign professors, is responsible for the educational activities and takes part in the organisation of the doctoral program.

The ICT International Doctorate School also combines research with integration both in industry and technology transfer. The research topics are theoretical and applied and the dissertations cover the continuum between innovative applications and theoretical research. The incorporation of industry guarantees the practical value of the research, while the University guarantees the innovative aspects as well as the necessary scientific background. This collaboration is also demonstrated by the research grants covered by research projects and other partners.

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